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What kind of garbage does disposable plastic lunch box belong to?

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Now the pace of life continues to accelerate, the disposable plastic food container has become the best choice for people to eating. Disposable plastic food container can help us not only save meal time, but also convenient to clean up. Moreover, disposable plastic food container can avoid cross infection between different users of tableware, and provide guarantee for our dining hygiene. So more and more people use disposable plastic food container now.


In the upsurge of garbage classification, people begin to discuss a question: what kind of garbage does disposable plastic food container belong to? Some people think that disposable plastic lunch boxes belong to "dry waste", that is, "other waste".


Here to share with you, disposable plastic lunch box belongs to "recyclable", recyclable is Regeneration cycle material. All of the paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and plastic packaging that can be recycled.

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