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how do we produce the disposable plastic fast food boxes we commonly use?

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In daily life, how do we produce the disposable plastic fast food boxes we commonly use?

The most common process is injection molding.

Injection molding is a common way to use plastic raw materials. However, precision injection molding is the pursuit of creating high-precision injection products. There are two indicators for precision injection molding: one is the accuracy of the equipment, and the other is the mold error. Precision injection has the most sophisticated injection-related products.

The injection molding process is the process of transforming plastic from solid (powder or pellets) to liquid (melt) to solid (product). From pellets to melts, and then from melts to products, the temperature field, stress field, flow field, and density field are in the middle. Under the combined action of these fields, different plastics have different polymer structures. And rheological properties.

In precision injection molding, the mold is one of the keys to obtain precision plastic products that meet the quality requirements. The mold for precision injection molding should truly meet the requirements of product size, accuracy and shape. But even if the precision and size of the mold are the same, the actual size of the molded plastic products will be inconsistent due to the difference in shrinkage. Therefore, it is very important to effectively control the shrinkage rate of plastic products in precision injection molding technology.

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