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What do you need to prepare for an exquisite picnic?

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t’s a joy to meet friends for a picnic. First of all, you choose a good place, which will affect your mood and appetite. Going to some grasslands, open woods, riversides, etc. are all good choices.

There are many types of food for a picnic. It depends on personal hobbies. Bring some snacks, snacks, drinks (beer is also good), light cold food, fruit salad, cold dishes.

Meat: Such as beef jerky, fried octopus, braised pork, steamed meat, roast chicken, etc.

If you want to bring a barbecue grill, remember to bring charcoal, iron fork, and some seasonings. Ingredients: You can buy some quick-frozen lamb skewers, squid, and meat you like.

You don’t need to bring too many picnic essentials, but you still have to bring them when necessary, such as disposable gloves, plastic food containers, disposable paper cups, wet tissues, and garbage bags. Remember to recycle the garbage to not harm the environment.


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