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What disposable food containers are capable of microwaves?

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Which plastic food container do you usually use?Do you really know how to choose a plastic food container?

We can look at several common plastic food containers.Take a closer look at the plastic lunch box, at the lid or bottom, you will find the numbered sign.

Food container number sign

Three kinds of materials are mainly used in the packaging boxes commonly available on the market, namely No. 1, No. 5 and No. 6:

No. 1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET): plastic bottles of mineral water, juice, and carbonated beverages are made with it;

No. 5 polypropylene (PP): The heat resistance is the best, and it can be used in plastics that can be heated in a microwave oven;

Polystyrene No. 6 (PS): It is now used for the lid of many milk teas;

Packing food with plastic lunch boxes of these materials is generally safe.

Can these plastic food containers be placed in a microwave oven?

It is safe to pack food, but it does not mean that it is safe to heat. Of these plastic food containers, only the No. 5 plastic food container polypropylene (PP) can enter the microwave oven.

Polypropylene (PP) is relatively heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures of around 110 °C, so it can be heated by microwaves and repeated heating does not cause any major problems.

The heat resistance of other plastics is much worse. It is best not to heat directly, or to put too hot food, of course, can not be used repeatedly.

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