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What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing disposable lunch boxes?

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The rapid development of takeaway has stimulated the market demand for lunch boxes. There are many types of disposable lunch boxes on the market. The quality of lunch boxes provided by different manufacturers varies. Merchants should pay more attention to the process of purchasing disposable lunch boxes. What aspects should be paid attention to when buying disposable lunch boxes?

1. Different types of lunch boxes have big differences in performance characteristics, so merchants must clearly understand the purpose of their disposable lunch boxes, what type of meals are used to pack, and make appropriate choices according to their own packaging needs to avoid inappropriate Case.

2. The sanitation and quality of disposable lunch boxes are important aspects. The safety mainly lies in the raw materials used to make the products, especially plastic materials. Different raw materials have different characteristics of the lunch box. To ensure that the lunch box is clean, non-toxic and harmless, try to choose environmentally friendly disposable lunch boxes. If there is a quality problem in the lunch box, which leads to a food safety accident, this will cause major losses to the business.

3. The practicability of disposable lunch boxes also needs to be considered, such as heat resistance. Some raw materials will melt and release toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures, such as the size of the lunch box. Whether the size of the lunch box is suitable for its own food takeaway packaging application and whether it is available Better drop resistance and so on.

4. The airtightness of disposable lunch boxes is very important for take-out lunch boxes. The superior airtightness can ensure that the meals are not affected by external air and moisture, better the heat of the meals, and prevent the soup from drying out. Customers bring a better dining experience.

The above aspects affect the actual use of disposable lunch boxes. You need to pay attention to the purchase process to avoid buying inappropriate or poor-quality lunch boxes. Quanzhou Yiqiang Plastic Co., Ltd., as a large-scale disposable lunch box manufacturer in China, currently provides a variety of high-quality disposable lunch boxes. Customers in need are welcome, please contact us for consultation.

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