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What are the requirements for high quality plastic soup boxes?(2)

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The market is a large number of manufacturers providing plastic soup containers and other takeaway food boxes, but there are great differences in material, thickness and appearance of plastic meal boxes of different manufacturers.


Therefore, the selection of quality should be paid attention to in the procurement process. High quality plastic soup containers shall also meet the following requirements:


  1. Suitable temperature: High quality plastic soup container can withstand the 110 ℃ high temperature and minus 20 ℃ low temperature, so as to avoid deformation and melting during it holds the hot soup.


  1. Heat resistance test: After the hot water resistance test, the plastic soup containershall not deform, and leakage. At the same time, when heating in microwave oven, there should be no deformation or melting hole.


The products of "Yiqiang" can meet all the requirements about the quality, which is the best choice for you. We do trust that "Yiqiang" products can help you better to open the market.

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