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What are the Requirements for High-quality Plastic Food Container?

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In the market, there are many manufacturers that provide plastic soup cups and other take-out lunch boxes, but the plastic lunch boxes of different manufacturers are quite different in material, thickness, and appearance. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the choice of quality during the procurement process. The High-quality plastic container should meet the following requirements:

1. Material: There are many types of disposable plastic container, but disposable plastic lunch boxes made of PP (polypropylene) are healthy.


2、 Sealing performance: The sealing performance can isolate the air, prevent the food from oxidizing and deteriorating, and prevent the take-out from being spilled during the transportation. The structural design of the plastic lunch box is directly related to the sealing performance.

Black Rectangular Food Container

3、 Suitable temperature: The high-quality plastic food container can withstand a higher temperature of 110°C and a lower temperature of minus 20°C, so as to avoid deformation and melting when undergoing hot soup or microwave processing.


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