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Vented food container

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What are the benefits of using vented takeaway containers?

Keep food crisp and fresh

It can maintain the temperature and texture of fried, grilled and crispy foods longer. These good-tasting foods will not appear wet


Very suitable for heating

The vents are not only suitable for takeout, but also help to heat leftovers! Because our container is microwaveable, customers can use the container to reheat leftovers. There are vents to allow steam to be released in the microwave without draining all the moisture in the food.


How does the exhaust container work

The number one enemy of fried, grilled and crispy foods is moisture. When hot food is placed in an airtight container, the emitted steam will collect on the container lid and form condensate. These condensate will then collect and drip onto the food, making it wet.


Preserving the vent can make the steam escape from the container, thus avoiding the formation of condensate. In this way, during the journey from the restaurant to home, the food will not get wet, and when eating, the takeaway shop still has the taste and texture that the restaurant wants.

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