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Top 10 selling plastic food container styles in 2020

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Tenth place: Plastic sauce cup


The small disposable sauce cup itself is small and tightly sealed. It is very convenient to place in your packaged food, and you don't need to worry about the sauce spilling out. Disposable sauce cup not only provides food with seasoning but also provides delicious and diverse choices of food so that consumers can enjoy the joy of delicious food.

Ninth place: milk tea cup


This milk tea cup using pure food-grade pp material, it is very suitable for refrigerated freezing, so the cool taste is really great. In addition, the product body is clean, free of impurities, and has a service with customizable patterns which improves the grade of the entire product.

Eighth place: plastic noodle bowl/soup bowl


The 1050ml capacity design can hold food larger. The black design of the plastic noodle bowl/soup bowl can make people more appetite when holding food.

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