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The application of disposable meal boxes

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In recent years, great changes have taken place in restaurants, not only the menu of each restaurant has become diversified, but also many other provinces and even other countries have introduced delicious food. Changing the way people eat. Fortunately, there are so many foods to choose from. There are unlimited choices of places to eat, but there are far more orders to eat at home than ever before.


With the increase of ordering, packaging becomes more and more important. Choosing the right packaging for the menu is very difficult. The restaurant experience is no longer limited to these four walls. There will be dining experiences at home, in the office, outdoors and in the car. The food is moving.


Let's talk about specific takeout options:


Crispy food is best served in a well ventilated container. The vents allow the vapor to escape, thus preventing moisture from seeping into the food.


The long delivery time bothers everyone. Microwave containers are ideal for foods that can be reheated.


Stackable containers (such as our A-Series square and ROUND DELI CONTAINER WITH DOME LID) prevent food from slipping during transportation.


Most consumers don't like mixing different food flavors. Separate food with multi-compartment containers.


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