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Teach you three ways to identify the pros and cons of fast food boxes

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Good quality fast food boxes are harder and more resilient, while some inferior disposable fast food boxes are deformed or become soft after being filled with very hot food. This is very impactful. in use. Good-quality disposable lunch boxes are not only strong in appearance but also durable, and can withstand freezing and high temperatures.

The first trick is to judge by the material.

Check whether there are impurities in the lunch box. Some lunch boxes look very thick. The surface is made of food-grade materials, while some recycled materials are used in the middle. If they are not checked and misused, it is likely to cause food poisoning. For opaque For the lunch box, you should observe the material of the lunch box when you buy it. If it can be torn open, you can tear it open for viewing.

The second trick is to judge by smelling

If the lunch box produces a peculiar smell after pouring hot water into it, be aware that it may be toxic and harmful and avoid using it. Many low-quality lunch boxes have pungent and pungent odors, which are likely to contain harmful substances, which will volatilize under high temperature conditions and migrate into the water into the food, thereby endangering human health. So everyone should choose a disposable lunch box with no peculiar smell.

The third trick is to judge by looking at the signs on the lunch box. General regular disposable lunch boxes should be marked with the QS logo and number on the box, including instructions for use, use, use environment, use temperature and other content.


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