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PP MaterialDisposable Lunch Box and PS MaterialDisposable Lunch Box

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The development of takeaway fast food industry has brought more convenience to people's life, especially the disposable foodcontainers. The materialof the disposable lunch boxes mainly include polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS), which are non-toxic, tasteless and colorless. So what is the difference between PP materialdisposable lunch boxes and PS materialdisposable lunch boxes?


Polypropylene (PP) material:


PP materialis relatively soft and it can withstand -20 degree low temperature to +110 degreehigh temperature, so it is especially suitable for holding hot food. It can be heated in the microwave oven. The food container made of this kind of PP materialcan not only be heated to 100 ℃, but also be put into the refrigerator for refrigeration.


Polystyrene (PS) material:


PSmaterialis hard and transparent, but it is easy to break. PSmaterialbegins to soften when it is used at +75 degree, so it is not suitable for holding hot food. However, PSmaterialis good at low temperature performance and is suitable for ice cream packaging.

Therefore, PP materialis more suitable for manufacturing disposable packaging box than PS material.

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