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Most Suitable Disposable Lunch Box for Restaurants

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With the development of society, more and more people enjoy a convenient life. For example, people will choose to use disposable food container to pack food.So recently, takeout disposable lunch boxes are becoming more and more popular. However, what style of disposable plastic lunch box is the best choice for restaurants?


Many restaurant owners feedback that if the disposable box falls in the process of delivery, the bottom cover of the disposable meal box will be separated, which will cause the food to spill out. On the one hand, it will waste food and cause direct cost loss. On the other hand, if re-distribution, it will take longer time, which will affect the dining experience of consumers and cause the loss of customers.


Since receiving the feedback from the Customers, “Yiqiang” increases the tightness design of the disposable meal box, so that the customers do not have to worry about the situation that the food will spill out during the delivery process and better serve the consumers.

Black Rectangular Food Container

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