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Manufacturer of single-use plastic containers

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As we all know, disposable plastic packaging containers have a wide range of applications in the field of food, its light, health, low cost, so favored by businesses and consumers.At present, disposable plastic food packaging materials include plastic wrap, plastic bags, disposable tableware, takeaway packaging boxes and so on.Nowadays, with the idea of intensive production gradually permeating into the food field, food transport and circulation need to use a large number of packaging containers.And like fresh, cooked food, takeaway and other fields, but also because of the packaging container has a very high sanitary requirements, and considering the cost and other issues, so often use disposable plastic as packaging materials.

Yiqiang Plastic Co., Ltd. has been producing disposable food box for more than 10 years. We have our own mold workshop, and we have developed nearly 300 sets of product molds. And we have cooperated with more than 40 countries in the world, and the products are sold at home and abroad.

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