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How to distinguish food grade and non-food grade plastic bags.

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Food-grade plastics are produced under purified conditions. The plastic itself is required to be non-toxic, not many varieties, common ones are: PET, non-toxic PVC, food-grade PE, PP, etc.

Non-food grade plastics may choose chlorinated organics when selecting raw materials, and this cannot be seen in food-grade plastics. Chlorinated organics will release free chlorine that is harmful to the human body during use.

There is a big difference between food grade plastic bags and non-food grade plastic bags:

1. Raw materials are the biggest difference! Polyethylene is non-toxic and tasteless! It is very safe to use polyethylene to produce plastic bags! But customers want to reduce costs, and merchants want to make money, and they will add fillers, recycled materials, etc. to the raw materials! So whether it is brand new material or pure raw material is the biggest difference between food bags and non-food grade plastic bags!

2. Production environment! Plastic bags used to hold food require an almost dust-free environment to produce in order to ensure the qualification of the product! Therefore, there are very high standards for the requirements of the production environment! There are no strict regulations for non-food plastic bags!

3. Food grade plastic bags have strict inspection system and perfect after-sales service!

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