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How to choose an injection-molded food container factory in China (Part 1)

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In China, any excellent injection molding company has factories with different machinery and equipment. All of these have one goal: to create the products you need.

Of course, the process of creating these products is very complicated. you could end up having trouble which service to avail for. Do you like to purchase plastic lunch boxes? If your answer is yes, then you will be pleased to know that there is no problem in producing a complete set of products in a capable factory.

Those who wish to choose a plastic lunch box manufacturing factory in China, you can watch our series of instructions, which can make the whole process easier.


Understand the basic injection molding process

Before entering into a partnership with a food container company in China, you need at least a basic understanding of their work.  After all, you want to get to know the company, together with the people, you are going to work with better. By doing this, you know that you will establish a good working relationship with them.


Apart from that, you also want to know how their whole process works. In most cases, this process involves the use of PP. They will be heated and melted, and then injected into high-pressure customized molds according to customer needs. Once the plastic hardens again, it will appear in a new form. Although this may seem simple, food container companies usually have to use injection molding machines.


About a company, the next thing you need to know is whether they are capable of regrind. A good mold will make the quality of the product better.



Find Out How Much Quantity They Can Handle

If you want to mass produce the products you need, you must know how many quantities a Chinese food container company can produce every day. This means that only producing one or two high-quality products is not enough to build your partnership. The company you choose should be able to mass-produce them according to your needs without reducing their quality.


With this information, you may hope that Chinese food container companies have a stable number of production lines. If the daily production quantity is around 500,000, you can effectively produce food containers.


Figure Out Who Will Comply

Usually, compromising for the benefit of customers puts food container companies in a challenging situation. After making these items, the items often exceed their comfort zone, which means they may not satisfy you to the greatest extent. This is why you must look for a company with the correct processes required, rather than let them compromise for you.

Before entering into a deal with a food container company in China, you should first ask them to give you advice based on your product details. They should be able to tell you whether they have the appropriate product requirements (or whether they can meet the requirements). You don’t want to work with a company that will only compromise, because they might end up doing badly. When you ask them, they should be able to trust them to tell you what is feasible (and what is not) based on their previous experiences;And you should be able to trust their judgment, professional knowledge and cognition on freight and delivery. Please note that they may also suggest some design adjustments to be able to produce your product in their factory, or alternative methods that save you money.

With all this information, you should properly consider the color, size, design, logo and packaging required for the product. If they can provide all products without making any compromises, then you have found a food container company in China.


Extended service availability

As mentioned above, you may wish to cooperate with a food container company in China based on their expertise. However, not everyone provides extended services that can help customers design packaging. Therefore, you need to find a service with this kind of packaging in order to be both cost-effective and productive. The types of services you should look for include delivery guarantees, packaging design services, rapid response manufacturing, and in-depth mold development; to name a few.

In addition, it is important to note that project time and budget will largely depend on the design process. If  don’t do it well, you may not be able to follow your target date and budget. This is why you should choose a strong food container company in China.


Quality instead of quantity

Any company (regardless of the industry) should strive to provide the best types of products and services. You do not want to use the opposite item. You should definitely look for a dedicated, efficient and dedicated service company in China! If they meet the following conditions, then you can be sure that there will be a smooth working relationship between the two of you.

To provide you with some examples, here is a list of services you can expect from food container companies:

1. Their machine works well.

2. They are praised in the industry.

3. They eliminate any variables that cause dysfunction.

4. They have mold maintenance procedures.

5. They use project management software to ensure smooth communication of strategic plans and related processes.

6. Their operations and production have passed safety and quality regulations.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that you choose a company with quality rather than quantity. Compared with 1,000 durable products, how do 10,000 defective products benefit you? Quality will stand the test of time and will satisfy your consumers.


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