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How to Deliver Disposable Plastic Food Container?

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At present, the pace of urban life is speeding up, and more and more people choose to take out fast food, which promotes the growth of disposable plastic tableware market. Tableware distribution market began to face blowout development. Some people who seize the opportunity gradually begin to develop the industry.


Transportation cost is also the concern of customers. After confirming the order, how to deliver to customers all over the world? In order to save cost, we use single product subcontracting and send full container with mixed items to customers.


As we all know, if a series of products pack in one carton, transportation space will be a lot of waste. As a result, if tens of thousands of sets of plastic food sent, the transportation cost is very high. However, if the implementation of separate packaging, such as the same style or the same size of plastic food container together, so a container can hold many different types of products. In addition, we take the form of the whole container to deliver the goods to the destination port of our customer, so that not only the transportation cost of the products is very low, but also the safety of the goods is increased, so that the goods are not easily damaged.


Therefore, we send it to you in the way of single package and whole container. When the goods arrived at the warehouse of customer, the customer can freely match and repackage them according to the local actual situation.

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