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Five Advantages of Disposable Plastic Food Container

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First of all, disposable food container can also be used many times. Compared with some valuable tableware, disposable plastic food containers are more economical.

Secondly, whether it is entertaining family and friends or using at home, disposable plastic food containers are healthy and safe tableware. For strangers, the disposable using of plastic food boxes can effectively prevent the spread of diseases.

Thirdly, disposable plastic boxes are no less than our traditional tableware. The appearance of plastic food container is very exquisite, and the size and style are various, whichcan be compared with the commonly used tableware!

Fourthly, the disposable plastic food container can withstand 110 ℃ high temperature without melting, and can support minus 20 ℃ low temperature without breaking. It can be heated in the microwave oven and can also be refrigerated in a refrigerator.

Finally,plastic lunch box is not only lightin weight and pressure resistant, but also hard in texture, which is not easy to deform and strong in bearing capacity, so it can be used as a packing box.


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