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European Port Congestion &Freight Keep Rising

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With the influence of COVID-19 in Europe and the United States,the traffic volume from Asia to Europe will continue to surge, the congestion of ports in Europe and the United States will continue to become the main bottleneck in the supply chain, and the container price will continue to rise.


The epidemic situation in Europe has experienced repeated rounds, and a large number of materials, especially daily necessities and medical materials, need to be imported to supplement, which promotes the increase of transportation demand. The shipping schedule disorder caused by the Suez Canal blockage also brought some pressure to the allocation of transport capacity. On May 7, the SCFI of Shanghai's export to the European basic port market was US $4678 / TEU, up 1.0% from the previous period.


In the latest FBX issue show that Spot Rates from Asia to northern Europe rose 4.0% to $8248 per 40 feet.

FBX from China to North Europe

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