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Environmentally Friendly Food Container Become the Standard of Restaurants

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Catering industry is a service industry in the final analysis. For restaurants, disposable lunch boxes are necessities, but few people can pay attention to the material of lunch boxes. How to solve the problem of disposable food container has been discussed for a long time. It seems that it is not a good way to rely solely on the supervision of relevant departments.


With the rise of environmental friendly lunch box, we seem to see a possibility - through the environmental friendly lunch box to let more restaurants enhance the image. Taking Food Container from Yiqiang Plastic as an example: 

Recently, high-quality environmental protection food container from Yiqiang Plastic has been sought after. All of products are made by 100% PP materials, without fillers, taking the lead in bold innovation in material and design. Under the premise of the quality, safety and environmental protection became the core concept of Food Container, blew a burst of environmental protection in the catering industry. It can be predicted that the solution of lunch box health, safety and other issues will lead to drastic changes in the market! 


From this point of view, environmental friendly food container is just the beginning. With the increase of market share of food container of Yiqiang Plastic, the ultimate impact is not only the restaurant, but also the customers themselves. Environmental protection lunch box may become the standard of restaurants.


As the first feature of environmentally friendly food container is safety and health, the price is no longer the main factor. Environmental protection is the main theme of the future market. At present, we also have reason to believe that the development of Food Container from Yiqiang Plastic will surprise the industry.

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