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Disposable Plastic Food Container Can Still Be Used in This Way

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Disposable Plastic Food Container, which are usually discarded as garbage, can be transformed into economic daily necessities with Ingenious thinking. The following is the detailed introduction to the secondary clever use of Plastic Food Container:


1. Use Disposable Plastic Container to Put Flour

When baking cakes and other pastries, it can be used to hold flour, sugar and other materials for easy measurement. Due to the large capacity of the container, it can also be used to mix the materials of western style desserts, or directly sift the flour.


2. Use Disposable Plastic Container to Filter Water

First, wash and dry the disposable food box, and then use a knife to make a few oblique strokes at the bottom of the box. Pay attention not to use too much force to prevent the box from cracking. Then put the fish on it to filter out the water and reduce the fishy smell.

In addition, you can also put the vegetables or washed materials on the box to filter out the water, so as to avoid the splash of oil after the food is put into the pot. It is a good helper for cooking delicious food.


3. Use Plastic Lunch Box to Collect Washing Products

The plastic food box can be used effectively because it is deep enough and durable. As long as the bottom of the box is evenly drilled with iron stick or awl, it can be used to collect sponge or dishcloth and other washing products. Because there are holes in the bottom of the box, the water can be filtered out to avoid the accumulation of sewage, which is sanitary and clean.


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