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Different Food with Different Plastic Food Container

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Now on the market, there are many kinds of plastic lunch boxes, but it is very important to choose the right one to hold food. Here is a brief introduction.


When the food is soup or liquid food, you can choose a round plastic food container or soup cup. The cover is relatively firm and tight, and the leakage of soup is relatively less.


When you want to put a variety of food in the same box, you can choose the multi grid plastic box. It can not only contain a variety of food, but also effectively prevent cross taste.


When you need to reheat something safely, you can choose a microwave heating plastic lunch box. In addition, in the takeout industry, microwave plastic lunch box is a very wise choice.


When the food needs to go with the sauce, you can choose the sauce cup. It cannot only avoid the sauce directly added to the food, so as to change the original taste, but also facilitate their own seasoning.


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