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Can the Disposable Plastic Food Container Be Reused?

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Recently, more and more people use disposable food container, but the problems that people worry about also follow. One of the hottest topics recently is whether Disposable Plastic Food Container can be reused?


Different people have different views on this issue. Some people think that some of the water cups, bento boxes and spoons that we usually use are also plastic. We reuse them for a long time without any problems, so Plastic disposable food container can also be reused. Others suppose that plastic disposable food container will release toxic substances when exposed to high temperature. Using for one time can not guarantee the health, how can it be reused.


In fact, reusable plastic disposable food container are real. Let's analyze what kind of plastic food container can be reused. There are many kinds of materials for making lunch boxes, but there is only one kind of material that can be put into microwave oven, that is, PP material, also known as polypropylene, which is polymerized from propylene. Compared with other materials, it has the advantages of good transparency and high hardness, and can withstand 110 degree high temperature. It can be directly heated in the microwave oven, and there will be no poison discharged into the food. It is Eco-friendly and healthy. However, it should be noted that the base of food container, which can be used for Microwave oven is made of PP material, but the lid of the food container is actually made of PS (polystyrene). The lid should be removed before microwave heating. To sum up, the disposable food container made of PP material can be reused after careful cleaning.


But not all the plastic disposable lunch boxes can be reused. When using, we must carefully check the identification of lunch boxes to distinguish them. If there is QS mark, it is not indicated that the lunch box can be put into the microwave oven, but it can be used safely when holding food with low temperature. If there is the words "microwave oven safe/heating" marked on the plastic food container. Congratulations, you have found a disposable food container that can ensure health, environmental protection and reuse. 


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