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Can dirty plastic food containers be recycled? Of course!

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Used disposable plastic lunch boxes should be thrown away as dry garbage? This answer is no! There have been pilots for recycling and recycling plastic food containers.

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Disposable plastic food containers are generally not accepted by recyclable outlets in some places. At the transfer station, plastic food containers are less expensive to recycle due to contamination of leftovers and oil stains, and it is rare to see it. As a result, most plastic food containers are thrown away as dry waste and finally in the incinerator.

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With the development of the take-away industry, plastic food containers have also become a major source of domestic waste. However, in terms of materials, most of the food-grade take-out lunch boxes used on the market are produced by PP plastics. After cleaning and professional treatment, they can be made into PP plastic granules and can be recycled.

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In the new pilot of “Plastic Food Container Recycling”, this community plastic food container recycling project called “One-point classification, box fusion” will link the government, enterprises and community organizations to explore the sustainable recycling mechanism of plastic food containers. All parties have their own functions to break through the plastic food container recycling chain. Through this project, the recycling of plastic food containers will be improved from the source classification, and the recycling standard of plastic food containers will be explored at the same time as the source reduction, and the plastic food containers will be turned into waste to realize resource recycling.

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Such a courier package is formed by processing PP plastic pellets made from plastic food containers. Compared with the past carton express packaging, many people will use it once and discard it. Repackaging requires re-pulping regeneration, which creates a lot of waste in the manufacturing process. And this plastic courier box can not only be recycled dozens of times, but also can be recycled after being discarded.

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In the recycling of plastic food containers, it is important to properly plan the recycling process. The government needs to make every resident understand that plastic food containers are recyclable. This measure not only allows families to exchange their waste plastic food containers for money, but also eliminates the environmental pollution of plastic food containers.


I hope that the "recycling of plastic food containers" can be implemented globally, and I look forward to that day!

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