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1 Minute To Understand The Types And Differences Of Disposable Plastic Lunch Boxes

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Disposable plastic lunch boxes

Disposable plastic lunch boxes can be divided into foam plastic lunch boxes and PP plastic lunch boxes because of the difference in the addition of main ingredients.

Disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes are made of polystyrene resin. After being heated and melted at high temperature in the extruder, foaming agent (butane) is added to extrude the sheet. After the sheet is rolled up, it is ventilated and humid Put it in a healthy environment and then carry out secondary heating and blister molding to make various lunch boxes. It is widely used because of its advantages of heat preservation, pressure resistance and low cost. But because of the irreversible damage to the environment, the term "white pollution" became a hot topic. The danger of disposable foam lunch boxes is that when the temperature of food stored in foam plastic lunch boxes exceeds 65 degrees, toxic substances such as bisphenol A will be released. Bisphenol A is an organic chemical raw material, which is not easily decomposed by the digestive system and can easily cause physical harm.

The PP plastic lunch box is made of polypropylene. The lunch box made of it has good heat resistance and will not release toxic substances when the temperature of the food is too high. The premise is that the material used is food-grade PP material. If the PP plastic used has a strong smell, it is an inferior product and may be poisonous. The lunch box made of pp material is generally transparent, non-toxic and harmless, and it is often seen on disposable food containers.

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